Voluntary Sector

Internationally and in the UK, initiatives such as“ Every Child Matters (ECM)”, “Child Centred Teamwork/Person Centred Planning (PCP)” and “Aiming High” are continuing to change the nature of service expectations both amongst service providers and children’s services authorities, especially with respect to children with learning and other disabilities. Transparency, inclusion, individualisation and the rapid dissemination of good practice are now part of the expectations of all stakeholders.

Aspirico offers secure, internet based services which helps address these issues.

Clearpath suiteTM - for Children’s Voluntary Service Providers

Providers of Children’s Services in the voluntary sector, face the twin challenges of working to improve the lives of the children and families whom they support, and demonstrating the impact of your services in order to secure vital funding from Local Authority Children’s Services and other sources of financial support.

Aspirico can help providers meet both of these challenges by allowing them to do more with existing resources, add new and exciting capabilities to their service offering, and providing instant information on the positive effect services have on your service users.

Clearpath suiteTM for voluntary providers in children’s services is a secure, internet based service which helps service provider management, funding authorities and staff in clinical, educational and other support capacities in the following areas.

Clearpath suiteTM - What it means for the children/families/carers.

  • Support more participation, control and a more inclusive relationship between the service provider and the family/carer.
  • Can make individual plans come alive with rich, intuitive multimedia functionality. Best Practice content can be captured in multimedia format and accessed at home where they can be generalised.
  • Putting the planning into action - Makes it more likely that an individual child’s plan will be actioned and that staff do those things which are most important.

Clearpath suiteTM - What it means for frontline teams

  • Team leads can easily track skill/level attainment – by monitoring progress against specific actions, goals and outcomes and providing reports by individual, group or location a needed. Clearpath can also track progress against national curriculum goals (e.g. Pivats/P Scales etc…) and provider specific goals / intervention plan
  • Clinical frontline staff and management can define and deploy “best practice” interventions by linking multimedia based examples of best practice content to specific steps in an intervention plan.
  • Provide detailed outcomes measurement (e.g. against Ofsted/internal KPI metric tracking) in an easy to use fashion tailored to organisation needs including tracking by individual, group, location etc.
  • Reduce paperwork for child specific report writing and administration overhead through the use of flexible report templates auto populated with relevant individual/plan details and using exemplar templates used by the provider .
  • Optimising outcomes - For providers, clearpath will give organisations a real advantage by giving them new means to make sure things happen and children’s lives are improved and being able to demonstrate that outcomes are being met. It will improve the lead professionals ability to manage and track the current objectives and supporting actions for any individual service user. Clearpath can also trigger an alert to specific people based on pre determined rules or invite comments or provide a call to action as needed.
  • Planning and collaborating - Allows Support Providers to plan services more effectively, using the team and individual activity tracking and reporting capabilities of clearpath.
  • Approaches such a “team around the child” can be better supported where organisations have distributed resources and team members.
  • More efficient team collaboration by sharing secure, controlled access to relevant case information across distributed teams.
  • It can also help mitigate risk through safety net capabilities and risk assessment templates which can be used to flag potential risk areas.

Clearpath suiteTM - What it means for children’s services provider and funding management

Management have much to gain from using Clearpath suiteTM in a children’s setting. It compliments and fills the gaps in existing funder and provider systems which are typically focused on back end administration. It does not replace existing care management information systems but sits alongside them providing the information which care managers will find most useful and important. It enables purchasers to:

  • Clearpath suiteTM for children helps provider management make better decisions by providing a live summary picture of a child’s progress against plans.
  • It will reinforce a culture of accountability and collaboration, all within a clear set of child centred values, but plugging a gap which is often there in organisations. It will save valuable staff time currently spent manually collecting information and producing reports as clearpath does so much of this effortlessly and easily.
  • It allows Support Providers to monitor the quality and effectiveness of services in their organisation by linking outcomes to andOfsted ,statutory KPI’s and provider specific KPI's
  • It can automatically aggregate information from individual plans to inform strategic planning
  • Improve communication and understanding with those organisations they purchase services from particularly in the context of supporting transition and short break initiatives. It can also assist in the challenges of multi agency collaboration.
  • Easily capture outcome measures from Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) or intervention Plans and incorporate PCP templates as needed.
  • Clearpath suiteTM can fit into existing infrastructure - As it is typically delivered as an ASP (Application Service Provision)service, no additional internal IT resources are required by Support Providers

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