Supported Living

iplanit For Supported Living Providers

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Many social care service providers focus on delivering supported independent housing for vulnerable people across a wide spectrum of situations including learning disability, addiction, domestic violence, older people, and physical disability. iplanit has been especially designed for the needs of service providers with this focus in the supported living area and the people they support, in partnership with our customers and leading consultancy groups.


iplanit is an award winning web delivered service that gives supported living providers and commissioners a live view of their service delivery and impact, and helps put action into peoples support plans. iplanit is also being used by customers across the spectrum of social care provision including supported living, learning disability, etc settings throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally. iplanit is being chosen by supported living organisations that recognise the limitations of paper based systems, and want to create more transparent, inclusive, and personalised services.

Inherently flexible and configurable to your own plans and processes, iplanit has been designed to meet the differing needs of each setting by offering a sector specific viewpoint for staff and service users. For managers in multi sector service providers, life just got much easier, as iplanit uses data entered at the level of individual support to create a cross service/location dashboard for tracking and reporting on the impact and value of what you do, and planning the future development of your services.

Major Features across iplanit
  • MULTIMEDIA ENABLED PLANS: Add photos, videos, sound files and graphics
  • People are in CONTROL of their own information with accessible, easy to use screen layouts.
  • LIVE PROGRESS TRACKING: Supports all forms of Person Centered Planning. Real- time updating. Links outcomes, objectives and actions. Keeps track of goals and outcomes.
  • TEAM COLLABORATION: Alerts to prompt actions where required. Easy to use standard and custom templates. Improved communication between teams.
  • AGGREGATE OUTCOMES, OBJECTIVES and ACTIONS: Informs service planning and business planning. Performance management. Analysis by service, area or other user. Track plan implementation.
  • MANAGEMENT INFORMATION and KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: KPI reports for regulatory bodies, contractual requirements and corporate priorities.
  • All REPORTING information easily shareable. Highly graphical reporting, with a live "Dashboard" view.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA MODULES: Including- Calendaring, Surveys, Risk Management, Needs Assessment, Funding.
Benefits for People and Families
  • BRING PLANS TO LIFE - Plans come alive through videos, photos, pictures and sound.
  • MAKE PLANS HAPPEN - Make it more likely that your plan happens as staff focus on those things which are really important to you.
  • TAKE CONTROL - You decide what information goes in and who sees what.
  • TRACK OUTCOMES - keep track of what you are achieving and doing.
Benefits for Providers and Commissioners
  • BETTER OUTCOMES - Improve the lives of people you support. Plans are implemented.
  • SEE RESULTS - A clear view of the impact of your efforts for the people you support.
  • CUT REPORTING COSTS - Cut the time and cost of collecting reporting information for purchasers and regulators.
  • CUT SERVICE COSTS - Use web based planning, communication and reporting to reduce unnecessary travel, printing etc costs.
  • WIN TENDERS and GRANTS - Increase your chances of winning tenders and grants with the ability to demonstrate value and evidence.