Benefit: Driving Up Quality

Drive service quality and manage risk through automated escalations, alerts, notifications and reporting on compliance whilst integrating risk management into support planning.

  • Efficient plan related task prioritisation, escalations and notifications for individual team members.
  • Supporting better decisions with information about what is working and not working and what is needed and not needed with a management dashboard covering all quality and plan related information.
  • Helps demonstrate that outcomes are being met and services are valued.
  • Provides a clear view of progress on the outcomes and actions associated with these plans.
  • Needs Assessment and Risk Management- Through the needs assessment and risk management module provider management can ensure that quality standards are being applied, that risks and associated hazards are properly assessed, monitored and have appropriate controls in place.
  • A wide range of tailored quality reports linked to all of the regional and provider specific standards and outcome frameworks.

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