About Us

Aspirico's iplanit web based platform is an Industry leader for Online Web based support plans in long term care including disability, mental health and aged care. We provide online plans, reports and schedules to enable human services/social care providers and funders to manage and optimise their service delivery in a person centred manner.

iplanit tracks a live picture of all plans, outcomes, actions, activities, risks and funds to help provider management and stakeholders quickly identify the actions that carers, funders and providers need to take to evidence value, support inclusion and ensure resources are optimised around people's outcomes.

iplanit has been implemented over seventy times by leading UK and international providers in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Leading national providers such as Circle (Centra), Thera Group, Lifeways Group, Rehab Group, Healthcare New Zealand and National Disability Services Australia use iplanit for web based plans because:

  • iplanit is the leading person centered, web based planning platform available in the market today supporting provider and service user access in a secure, intuitive, mobile and accessible manner.
  • Our trusted reports and dashboards help management drive the right decisions and quality of services, every day, to support tens of thousands of disability, mental health and aged care delivery teams.
  • iplanit allows providers to have one place to manage silos of plan related paperwork integrating plans, outcomes, risks, assessments, referrals, schedules, funding, dashboards, incidents, notes and collaboration all into one accessible place and tailored specifically to your needs.

Contact CLOAKING to find out how iplanit could enable you optimise and personalise your service delivery activities whilst lowering costs, improving your competitiveness and ensuring compliance with statutory regulations.

Who we are

Founded in 2006 by a group of experienced technology and social care executives, Aspirico is motivated by a driving passion to promote inclusion, transparency, person centred service delivery and to give people and providers tools which will allow them to maximise limited resources. Frustrated with traditional case management systems which tended to focus on measuring "inputs" by staff, Aspirico founders wanted to compliment this capability with the ability to engage service users and family directly and also measure "impact" and efficiency of services provided.

The company name Aspirico is derived from the word "Aspire" and points to our mission to create and deliver inclusive, world class technology solutions which allow people in long term care and community support settings to take control of their life aspirations and their health - thus our company motto "Achieving life's potential".

Our Values

Since our foundation in 2006, the Aspirico core values have been best summarised by (EVITA) as follows:

  • Evidencing Value - Allowing providers to demonstrate the value of their services to clients and funders easily, based on a live picture capturing progress on outcomes for service users.
  • Inclusion - Allowing people and supporters controlled access to the up to date picture in terms of the person's support plans and relevant documentation.
  • Transparency - Allowing provider performance to be transparent right through from service user, support teams and management to funding organisations.
  • Accountability - Giving staff, supporters and people the tools to be empowered and accountable for delivery of services in a Person Centred manner.

These values form the center of our product vision and inform our continued investment in building our technology based framework to support service delivery in the 21st century.