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A wide range of leading providers internationally use iplanit because it offers:

  • Greater accessibility and inclusion – Aspirico solutions have been specifically designed in collaboration with user groups from long-term care providers providing for ease of use in a secure, intuitive, mobile and accessible manner.
  • Our proven track record working with leading providers to support management decisions and quality of services, every day for  tens of thousands of disability, mental health and aged care delivery teams.
  • iplanit has a unique, wide ranging, integrated data set which gives providers one “source of truth” to manage care and support related information. It integrates data for staff calendars, activities, competencies, referrals, assessments, risks, plans, outcomes, schedules, funding, dashboards, incidents, medication, compliance, care notes and staff messaging, all into one accessible view, tailored specifically to each user’s needs. This Unique Dataset covers the full support life cycle from referral to exit of service. It is tightly integrated, highly granular and centered around the service user allowing the provider to manage care and support delivery in a person centered manner.
  • Security and Flexibility – Aspirico solutions are highly secure and can be delivered from hosted or on-premise options. A range of integration options are available to link into existing systems as needed.