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The Challenge

Providers of services in long term care need to:

  • Evidence the value of their services to stakeholders by measuring and showcasing the “difference they make” for the people they support.
  • Manage risk and compliance in a proactive and integrated manner.
  • Optimise staff resources and schedules to drive outcomes for people.
  • Eliminate cost and errors in paper-based support and care plans.
  • Reduce administration costs, support efficient teamwork and inform decision making.
  • Promote inclusion, transparency and control for people supported.


iplanit as the Solution

iplanit is an award-winning, cloud-based service, that meets the above challenges. The iplanit suite is a secure, internet-based service for providers who are focused on evidencing value and person-centred service delivery. It is used extensively by a wide range of regional and national providers supporting people with learning and other disabilities, older people and mental health service users right across UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

It has been proven to deliver extensive benefits to providers and service users in a wide range of settings including community based services, residential services, intensive support settings and “lighter touch” service settings where provider organisations have recognised the limitations of paper-based systems, and want to create more transparent, inclusive and personalised services.

Inherently flexible and configurable to your own plans and processes, iplanit has been designed to be easily configured to meet the differing needs of each service setting and provider across management, staff and service users.

Configuration flexibility

iplanit offers clients a unique combination of capabilities which allow providers to quickly replicate their unique paper-based support plans (with related assessment, quality and risk management processes) on a secure, intuitive, internet-based service. This is achieved through a combination of software modules, service methodology and an extensive library of related templates.

Optional Modules for additional capability integrate with the core server, allowing these also to be used across diverse user groups and service settings. By combining these optional modules with hundreds of “best practice” care and support plan templates, regional, national/international KPI standards and outcome frameworks, iplanit allows you to easily and quickly configure a solution that meets your specific service and client needs.

iplanit components


  • Core iplanit – including web enablement of your care and support plans plus audit trails, notes/logs, document management, quality management, dashboard, messaging and staff collaboration and service user inclusion.
  • A range of optional modules which can be enabled and configured to meet provider specific needs in a range of areas in including referrals/intake, needs assessment, funding/individual budgets, incident management, risk/compliance, staff competencies, staff calendars and schedules, clinical/medication management, surveys, integration and offline working.