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iplanit Services

The Aspirico consulting team and our partner organisations have accumulated significant knowledge and experience in using technology to drive strategic change within the long-term care sector. Our experienced consultants are well positioned to assist providers in getting the best possible return from their iplanit projects. Consultants are equipped with best practice tools, implementation methodology templates and learning supports to help providers in a range of practical areas including:

  • Planning process analysis and streamlining: Building on and optimising existing systems and planning processes- this is the key area of expertise where our person-centered vision and technical approach can be combined with the template library to offer clients access to our unique repository of “best practice” web-enabled care and support planning templates.
  • Training and staff development: Ensuring staff IT competence to support using iplanit via a range of training and client management support services.
  • Sector specific best practices: Consulting on best practice approaches in specific areas such as Outcome frameworks, Risk management and Needs Assessment strategies.
  • Person centred services: Balancing how best to “keep kindness in the heart of care” whilst ensuring practical and sustainable rollout of systems to drive streamlined processes.
  • Documentation review: “People not Paper”- What to automate and how to optimise the automation of planning related paperwork using technology.
  • Work management and Mobile working approaches: How to use iplanit to optimise staff resources through a range of mobility, infrastructure access and equipment options.
  • Project management and deployment strategies: regional and functional phased and top-down deployment options. The iplanit team has worked with providers who have implemented projects in many different ways. From smaller regional pilots to top-down, large-scale implementations of national deployments involving tens of thousands of plans.
  • Ongoing client management services: Including champion support, hand-holding, steering group facilitation, etc.