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Most providers in long-term care will have common requirements in the automation of care and support plans and related functions. This is comprehensively addressed using the  CORE IPLANIT suite of capabilities. In addition, many iplanit clients have diverse service user and organisational needs which can be addressed via a range of optional iplanit modules as required. The optional modules can be enabled/configured as required and include:

  • CALENDAR:This multimedia enabled calendar module saves time, supports inclusion and allows teams to track the service user/patient’s care and support activities and support plan key events.
  • REFERRAL/INTAKE:The iplanit referral module allows relevant support team members to manage the referral process whilst automating notifications, tracking and minimising data duplication, errors and administration/reporting costs.
  • NEEDS ASSESSMENT/RISK MANAGEMENT:This iplanit module supports a detailed needs assessment process in a person-centred manner, streamlining needs, risk management and support plans in a unique manner. This avoids information silos and allows managers, supporters and carers to minimise paperwork and ensure safeguarding and quality are to the fore of service delivery.
  • SURVEY:Getting client and carer feedback on quality and end-user satisfaction with services through multimedia enabled, online surveys with summary reports to support strategic decision making.
  • FUNDING:The iplanit funding module tracks funding streams/budgets and services delivered to the individual service user/patient. A wide range of reports can be tailored to roll this information up for management and funders, and link service delivery/outcome achievement into billing and funding systems.
  • SUPPORT TASKS:This module manages regular (e.g. daily and weekly) care and support tasks for the service user/patient in a uniquely person-centred way linking dynamically the support plan, care notes, activities, risks and outcomes for that person. In doing so, it promotes efficient use of staff resources saving time, money and avoiding duplication.
  • INCIDENT MANAGEMENT:This module manages incidents and accidents and any other “event” related to care and support delivery. It can be configured to support provider specific and statutory reporting and escalation processes and can also be integrated into the core support plan for a person.
  • STAFF COMPETENCIES:This module allows providers to manage, track and report on staff capabilities, qualifications and competencies thus supporting the appropriate use of resources to meet specific individuals/services needs.
  • CLINICAL CARE PLANNING:This module supports medication administration (MAR charts), alerts and other clinical data.
  • LOCATION MANAGEMENT:This optional module compliments the client centric focus of iplanit by allowing provider management to access and report on information about a provider facilities, locations, regions or services.
  • IPLANIT CONNECT:iplanit connect is an integration toolkit (Application Programming Interface) for providers who wish to set up direct information exchange between iplanit and their existing systems.

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Existing iplanit Social Care and Healthcare Providers

Financial Director, iplanit client
“We have introduced a culture of accountability and collaboration in a person centred way”
Director, Regional Provider, iplanit client
“We can target our time and money on those things people want and those things we know are effective….This can only help better all round decisions in the service and better lives for people as a consequence”
Regional Director, National Provider, iplanit client
“We can significantly reduce the time and effort in collecting information for purchasers and regulators”
CEO, Regional Provider, iplanit client
“The biggest impact is on the increased number, quality and visibility of truly person-centred outcomes. There's now nowhere for staff to hide if they are under-ambitious for people or inattentive to people's dreams. It has made a central contribution to our transformation into an organisation that measures its success by the achievement of person-centred outcomes. "
National Quality Lead, iplanit Customer
“With iplanit we are definitely saving more time and focusing on the things that matter”
Local Authority Commissioning Lead
“iplanit gets us much closer to understanding quickly what is really happening at the point of care”
Local Authority Housing Related Support Commissioner
“It (iplanit)gives us really dynamic performance data on how providers are performing against the contract. "
CEO, National Provider, iplanit client
"Administrative and reporting costs have significantly reduced. It takes less time, effort and cost to collect information for commissioners and regulators."
Quality Director, National Provider, iplanit client
"It is really important to demonstrate value through real life stories and also with real evidenced based information – iplanit does this easily”