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13th of August, London – Based on extensive feedback for a wide range of clients, Aspirico is delighted to announce the launch of a new set of capabilities within the iplanit suite which enables location/service based communication for staff members.

iplanit has a core suite of capabilities centered around the person. The “location module” compliments this capability allowing providers to record and report on organisational data based on a locations or services across your organisation. This can include a wide range of data e.g : maintenance work, a record of fire drill evacuation, repairs on equipment and visits from inspectors.

The location activity capability can also function as a handover tool where staff can instantly see a chronological thread of notes, data and activities per location. The iplanit location notes/communication book module is fully configurable and compliments the core iplanit system focus on client data.  It offers management the following benefits:

  • Effective reporting on location notes per location and date
  • A wide range of pan-organisation rpeorts
  • Facility to benchmark and compare cross organisational and service data
  • The ability for access instant reports and graphs based on live data
  • Implement a robust audit trail and location notes monitoring process
  • Provide a live dashboard for a management summary view of location based data

Should you would wish to find out more about the location notes module, please feel free to contact us here