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Implementation Services

The Aspirico solution set is designed for Service Provider clients, supporters and operational management. The solutions are specifically created to be intuitive, multimedia enabled and easy to set up. Our typical implementation involves set up of the service for a specific provider, configuration to “web enable” provider specific documentation, reporting and access controls. Generally we can get clients up and running in a number of weeks (as opposed to months) if required.

While the system can be installed in-house within the provider organisation, most clients prefer the much lower infrastructure and administration overhead offered by our secure hosted ASP (Application Service Provider) delivery model. This allows providers to invest all of their resources on the delivery of services.

Client specific needs can vary but set up activities generally include some of the following:

  1. Provider hosted service instance set up
  2. Sample Client and Supporter Account set up
  3. Service user data import/synchronisation
  4. Permissions, access rights and team structure set up
  5. Support planning templates and tools set up where appropriate
  6. In an educational context, goals, STO/LTO, etc set up and import where relevant
  7. System Administration support and training
  8. Multi agency set up where relevant and integration with other agency systems
  9. Providing seamless Aspirico links into existing provider systems
  10. Training of administrators, managers, supporters and service users ( where relevant )