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Aspirico services consultants across the UK/Ireland and in Australia/NZ are available to provide a wide range of training services from on-site training to on-line training and blended training delivery models. We also have an on-line iplanit resource center where we update our library of training and good practice materials for clients access. We also offer subscribing clients a range of regular “best practice” clinics and iplanit health-checks.

For system administrators and those users who wish to configure aspects of the solution themselves, we offer a range of in-depth remote and on-site training options as required.Our vision is to ensure our solutions are the most accessible, user friendly, intuitive solutions available in the market today for team members, service users and provider management.

We recognise that the primary users of Aspirico solutions are service users themselves, practitioners, carers and provider management. As such, we have invested significant effort to ensure that the solutions are intuitive, icon driven and multi-media enabled with a wide range of screen sensitive help features.

Aspirico solutions offer the ability to configure screens to specific user needs. They utilise a range of inbuilt assistants and prompts on each page, screen and process plus the solutions have an inbuilt “top tips” window which opens up to offer screen sensitive text and video based self help assistance. In addition, Aspirico solutions utilise “self service wizards” which have visual maps to tell you where you are in the application or your specific process. All icons, actions and processes have pop up bubbles explaining what they are and how they work. These features allow our users to get the benefits of Aspirico solutions with minimal training.

Typically individual supporters in most cases can use our solutions straight away following a short, two hour overview of the service. Most family and carers can use their controlled aspects of the system without specific training. Aspirico solutions are uniquely built to optimise the experience for individuals receiving support. To this end individuals can personalise the solution to make it very relevant to their specific lives and avail of a range of inbuilt accessibility functions. In many cases , individual service users use our solutions independently while in other cases supporters or carers assist individuals when using the solutions.