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Access “live” provider performance information captured at the point of care allowing you to easily evidence the real value of your services to funders and clients alike whilst demonstrating compliance to funders and inspectors.

This is achieved through performance reporting which offers:

  • Instantly generated reports on attainment of organisational measures based directly on achievement of plan outcomes.
  • Ability to filter by location or by activity area, e.g. supported living/day services.
  • Ability to export reports, e.g. on plans, risk or individual profile data to excel or other systems.
  • Ability to tailor reports to individual manager’s needs.
  • Review patterns over location or over time in terms of changing needs across client population.
  • Review patterns in terms of risk exposure and contingencies.
  • A range of optional reports to inform Staff reviews.
  • Client data drill-down reporting- helping management reduce paper-based reporting to analyse the demographics of the client population. This can be blended with the plan data, the progress/outcome data and quality data to provide rich drill down opportunities for management to really have an up to date picture of what is happening at the client level across their organisation.
  • Plan Reporting- the ability for management to get instant graphs summarising the status of plans, plan types, drilling into activity levels in specific areas of plan types to ensure good practice and use of resources.
  • Management Dashboard- the ability for a team leader, or frontline manager to identify specific items of poor performance, shining a spotlight on quality. This could be listing those plans which are not being updated, highlighting service areas where outcomes have not progressed, etc.
  • Quality reporting- the ability to deliver instant snapshots to regulators on quality adherence and risk management across the organisation.



Drive service quality and manage risk through automated escalations, alerts, notifications and reporting on compliance whilst integrating risk management into support planning.

  • Efficient plan related task prioritisation, escalations and notifications for individual team members.
  • Supporting better decisions with information about what is working and not working and what is needed and not needed with a management dashboard covering all quality and plan-related information.
  • Helps demonstrate that outcomes are being met and services are valued.
  • Provides a clear view of progress on the outcomes and actions associated with these plans.
  • Needs Assessment and Risk Management- Through the needs assessment and risk management module provider management can ensure that quality standards are being applied, that risks and associated hazards are properly assessed, monitored and have appropriate controls in place.
  • A wide range of tailored quality reports linked to all of the regional and provider-specific standards and outcome frameworks.



Improving provider efficiency by reducing the time and costs involved in reporting, plan administration, resource scheduling and team collaboration by offering Cost Management Benefits:

  • Efficient use of resources- Promotes fluid Circle of Support team collaboration securely across locations using notifications and overdue item escalations.
  • Save valuable staff time currently spent manually collecting information and producing reports as the service does so much of this effortlessly and easily thus lowering the paper administration cost of managing and tracking performance, plans, outcomes and action progress.
  • Better efficiency and reduced cost of administration from plan administration. Some iplanit users have reported significant saving on paper and print consumables alone.
  • More cost-effective support team collaboration particularly across locations.
  • Reduced administration cost of compliance whether with the CQC/Care Inspectorate Scotland/CSSIW/HIQA or other statutory report production.
  • Resource management, staff calendars, resource scheduling allow management to plan services more effectively, using the data created in individuals’ plans to optimise and drive staff activities.
  • Easy “Live” access to a dashboard of graphs summarising how the organisation is meeting internal and external performance requirements.
  • Cost-effective assembly of tailored reports to meet provider and individual manager specific needs.



Support service user, carer inclusion and empowerment through accessible, multimedia enabled, person-centred plans by delivering an integrated range of capabilities which are not available to the individual/carer with paper-based approaches. iplanit does this in an accessible, multimedia enabled format which is a new departure for systems in the arena of social care.

iplanit promotes Inclusion by:

  • Giving individuals greater control over what information is recorded and who gets to see what. Individuals can also safely share their plans and related multimedia content online.
  • Allowing an individual or their family member to track progress on actions and outcomes.
  • Being fun to use- iplanit makes individual plans come alive with rich, intuitive multimedia functionality.
  • Better Participation- iplanit allows an individual to easily track and provide feedback on progress on actions and outcomes making individual support plans come alive with rich, intuitive multimedia functionality. Individuals can personalise the plan with their own multimedia clips and images.
  • Empowering people and enabling them to keep track of outcomes. iplanit puts the “action into planning” and really highlights what is working and not working.
  • Promoting transparency and efficiency by tracking progress and highlighting where plans, actions or outcomes are behind schedule.

iplanit reinforces a culture of accountability and collaboration, all within a clear set of person-centred values by:

  • Allowing Support Providers to roll out organisation standards across regions or national groups. It helps monitor the quality and effectiveness of services in their organisation by linking progress on outcomes to any of the quality measures in use across the UK.
  • Allowing service providers to easily evidence quality and value of services when tendering for new contracts, an increasingly important consideration in the context of the recent spending review.
  • Enabling Support providers to manage and monitor the implementation of Person Centred Planning approaches in their organisations more easily.

If you would like to see a personalised walkthrough of how iplanit can help support your service delivery, please get in touch at