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Making the Care Planning Approach Work

Organisations that support individuals with mental health conditions have a unique set of challenges in turning care planning into a live, recovery focussed and fully participative process. In addition, tracking and monitoring the delivery of these plans and using care plan information to inform service planning has historically been difficult using existing paper-based processes. iplanit for Mental Health has been specially designed to solve these challenges for mental health service providers, and the people they support, in partnership with our customers and leading consultancy groups.

iplanit For Mental Health features


  • Recording of needs, goals, tasks, and their intended outcomes.
  • Live access to relapse signs and a crisis plan.
  • An online journal, for the service user to log and review their progress.
  • Live aggregate reporting of progress against outcomes and agreed performance indicators.
  • The facility to integrate photographs, video, music and documents within the care plan.
  • Secure web-based access and sign-off of all entries, with a clear audit trail.
  • Mobile access – iplanit For Mental Health is accessible via smartphones, and all standard IT platforms
  • Full compatibility with your records management standards.
  • Integration with existing patient information systems, tailored to organisations‘ needs.


iplanit For Mental Health benefits


  • Places service users genuinely at the heart of the care planning process, promoting control and recovery.
  • Ensures live real-time communications between the care team, the service user, and agreed friends and family.
  • Enables peer support between service users.
  • Promotes diarised therapeutic approaches, with live gathering of mood/experiences.
  • Provides immediate, live data on service outcomes and service performance.


iplanit Overview

iplanit is an award-winning, web-delivered software solution that gives care providers and commissioners a live view of their service delivery and impact, and helps put action into peoples plans. iplanit is being used by customers across the spectrum of social care provision settings throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally. iplanit is being chosen by organisations that recognise the limitations of paper-based systems, and want to create more transparent, inclusive, and personalised services. Inherently flexible and configurable to your own plans and processes, iplanit has been designed to meet the differing needs of each setting by offering a sector-specific viewpoint for staff and service users. For managers in multi-sector service providers, life just got much easier, as iplanit uses data entered at the level of individual support to create a cross-service/location dashboard for tracking and reporting on the impact and value of what you do, and planning the future development of your services.

Background – Putting the action into Mental Health Care Planning

For mental health service providers, iplanit turns care planning into a live, recovery focussed, and fully participative process. Building on the care and treatment of each individual service user, it solves the following challenges:

  • Achieving meaningful service user engagement and how to ensure care teams stay up-to-date with the changing needs and plans of service users.
  • Managing the performance of care teams, based on service users’ goals and outcomes.
  • Reporting to referrers and commissioners, based on outcomes, not just activities.


Making the Care Planning Approach Work

Good care planning in mental health rests on four principles:

  • Service user and family involvement in all aspects of the design and delivery of care packages.
  • A single plan for all professions, drawing on all relevant and necessary expertise.
  • A care coordinator, organising the resources required and leading communications with the service user.
  • Regular reviews, ensuring the plan changes as needs change.

All of this is very widely supported by mental health services – but making it work is difficult, i.e. keeping it live, ensuring good communications and managing the administrative systems. iplanit for Mental Health addresses these issues and brings care planning to life.