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For Physical Disability

iplanit is an award winning web delivered service that gives social care providers and commissioners a live view of their service delivery and impact, and helps put action into people’s plans. iplanit is being used by customers across the spectrum of social care provision including Learning Disability, Mental Health etc settings throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally. iplanit is being chosen by organisations that recognise the limitations of paper based systems, and want to create more transparent, inclusive, and personalised services.

Inherently flexible and configurable to your own plans and processes, iplanit has been designed to meet the differing needs of each setting by offering a sector specific viewpoint for staff and service users. For managers in multi sector service providers, life just got much easier, as iplanit uses data entered at the level of individual support to create a cross service/location dashboard for tracking and reporting on the impact and value of what you do, and planning the future development of your services.

iplanit is unique in its approach to work from the individual to the organisation. Ensuring that the person receiving support is at the centre of all support planning activity creates a strong foundation to build trust, accountability and deliver on promises made. iplanit also helps to create a culture of transparency and working together for common goals: paid workers are clear about the support they need to provide; people receiving services know they have been listened to; families and carers can see progress and provider management have overview and reporting information.

iplanit is being used by customers across the spectrum of physical disabilities, including those associated with learning disabilities and aging. iplanit has a number of accessibility functions which can help individuals with a physical disability such as voice help, and visual accessibility aids. Contact us for more information on how iplanit can be used to help the people you support with a physical disability.